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  Once a specific medication is selected, more detailed information about the use of that medication will be available to you.

Each medication has its own side effect profile that will be discussed with you. Some of adverse affects are short-term and get better after medications continued for some time. Some of them are long-term; some has potential to develop after person exposed to medication for some time. Some of side effect can be permanent or life-threatening. I will be able to provide all information and monitor side effects very closely. You are also encouraged to learn as much as you can about psychotropic medications.

  Using psychotropic medications in children:

  Pediatric psychopharmacology is relatively new field in psychiatry. Much research is currently under way. Child and adolescent psychopharmacology has been influenced, to a great degree, by development in adult psychopharmacology. Medication found useful in adults are often studied to determine if they also useful in children who exhibit similar disturbances. Often, in the absence of age-specific research data, these medications are used clinically. And it has, after all, proven to be successful in many instances.

Currently, the place psychopharmacology in the treatment of psychiatric disorders of children and adolescents is becoming clearer and the risks and benefits of these interventions are becoming better understood.

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