Svetlana Libus, MD. Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Childs, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
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  As a professional, I will use my best knowledge and skills to help you. This includes following the rules and standards of the American Psychiatric Association, or APA. In your best interests, the APA puts limits on the relationship between a psychiatrist and a client, and I will abide by these. Let me explain these limits, so you will not think they are personal responses to you.

  First, I am licensed and trained to practice psychiatry—not law, medicine, or any other profession. I am not able to give you good advice from these other professional viewpoints.

  Second, laws and the rules of the APA require me to keep what you tell me confidential (that is, private). You can trust me not to tell anyone else what you tell me, except in certain limited situations. I explain what those are in the "About Confidentiality" section of this website. Here I want to explain that I try not to reveal who my clients are. This is part of my efforts to maintain your privacy. If we meet on the street or socially, I may not say hello or talk to you very much. My behavior will not be a personal reaction to you, but a way to maintain the confidentiality of our relationship.

  Even if you invite me, I will not attend your family gatherings, such as parties or weddings.

  As your therapist, I will not give you gifts; I may not notice or recall your birthday; and I may not receive any of your gifts eagerly.

  Third, in your best interest and following the APA's standards, I can only be your psychiatrist. I cannot have any other role in your life. I cannot, now or ever, be a close friend or socialize with any of my clients. I cannot be a therapist to someone who is already a friend. I can never have sexual or romantic relationships with any client during, or after, the course of treatment. I cannot have a business relationship with any of my clients, other than the therapy relationship.

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